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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be a charge for setup?

NO. We do not charge for most common type of events. Usually the Setup only takes about an hour or less. Sometime, there may be a charge for really BIG events where it may take many hours to setup all the extra lights and equipment. But 99% of the shows will NOT have a Setup Fee.

2. How much time is required for the DJ to setup?

Most event setup time is one (2) hours or less. This would be for a group up to 200 people. For larger crowds and more equipment, additional time is required.

3. What type of music can we expect to be played?

You can select all the music for the DJ to play at your event. Our DJs are VERY experience in all genres of music. Our DJ have a talent of reading your customer/attendees and playing the right music at the right time. With over 20 yrs of experience, we can tailor our performance to any crowd.

4. Can we have overtime if the event goes longer as planned?

YES. Overtime will be alway available but at an additional cost. It is alway best to reserve extra time for your event to keep from additional overtime charges.

5. How far in advance the DJ be reserved?

The earlier the better. Slots fill up fast as the year progresses. Do not hesitate to book now to solidify your spot.

6. Can our guest request songs to the DJ and will he play them?

Sure! As long as your music request goes well with the current track, your request will get played immediately. Our DJs generally carry thousands of titles to each event. In most cases, our DJs will have capability to download the music on the spot.

7. How do we book your services?

All events require a signed digital contract along with client deposit, which can be paid in person or online. This will secure your event date booking. The balance is due prior to the event as you will be notified via email.

8. What if we have to cancel or postpone the event?

Cancellations are handled in two ways. If the event is canceled, you forfeit your deposit. If circumstances arise that require you to postpone your event, we will honor your contract with a new date.

9. Can we meet the DJ who will be performing our event?

YES. In fact, as part of the planning process, you can have a multiple consultations with our DJ to make sure every detail is communicated clearly for your event. This is standard protocol for us to deliver a professional service.

10. Is there anything else should know?

Please know that you are hiring a professional DJ for your event. A professional has mastered their art and craft and produces high quality work, effort and confidence. #weareprofessionals

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